Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friends? How many of us have them? lol

Dreams are strange... U never know exactly what they mean, unless you are a dream interpreter i guess. a book i'm writing has a few crazy dreams in them. I bet you can't wait to read it. I still have a little more to go, so sorry on that note! lol

Moving on

As you get older you lose friends. That's obvious. Some you really don't care about, some you do. Some you even wonder why you lost them as friends. I have a few of those from high school, but it still doesn't bother me that bad. I know everyone has their season, but sometimes I think we cut ppl off too soon. Like you believe you will be better off without them in your life and that eventually leads to ignoring phone calls and texts. That person gets the clue and you don't hear from them again. Okay, but what if that person was someone you knew for a good 4 or 5 yrs before this happens. Regardless of how much they got on your nerves, didn't they deserve a little better as far as treatment? Couldn't you have just been real and told them how you felt about them or something? Of course not, that would be too much like right, right? lol So 2 years have gone by and you still haven't spoken to them. You ride down their street and think of them, but know better than to call or stop by. A random memory pops in your head of them, you still do nothing about it.

Is it because you are so used to being without that friend now? The friend that at their best was love? Someone who stood up for you on numerous occasions, someone who was willing to fight for you, someone who cared point blank?

Or is it your pride that refuses to admit you were wrong? Better yet, maybe its this fast paced, selfish world we live in? You keep yourself so busy filled with nothing, that after awhile you haven't noticed the time flew by so fast.

Of course, the nice things are always remembered, but I guess the bad things stop you too. The fact that they never admitted their feelings for you even after you did. The fact that they disrespected you at some points- but you knew that was their personality the entire time you knew them, so why get sensitive now? Why didn't you just confront them about it?

Forgiveness is extremely important. There are always two sides to a story. Both of these sayings are said almost everyday to us, yet it goes in one ear and out the other until its too late. You have to forgive yourself and them for all of it. More than likely when you get to this point, the arguing and the silent treatment seems kind of petty.

My point is, I've had a friend I loved unconditionally who is no longer with us. I never had a fight with him or anything. We just went a few months sometimes without talking, because we both had "busy" lives- I was in school n he had 2-3 jobs. It wasn't about being mad at each other at all. One night I had this urge to call him, once again I put it on the backburner and said I will when I get home. He got killed that night, and I regret not calling him. Now, when I think of someone I make it a point to call them. I don't let an entire day go bye without doing so.

Here's a question: Should you call or txt someone you havent talked to in years? If they don't respond, when should you try again?

(You probably thought I was going to say should you try again, haha, of course you will because you won't let one try n fail stop you)

Dedicated to my Best Friend