Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why Deal??

This question arose the other night: if we know so much then why do we deal with things (people) when we kno what's going to happen everytime? No matter how much we say we deny it, we want to believe this person will be different when they aren't! It ties in with the idea of wanting something so bad, you try to see past the warning signs. Yet sometimes, there are no warning signs and for that I have no advice. We have to stop giving ppl so much credit- if it's not working for the credit bureaus how is it going to work for us?

But I can admit I am getting a little better- instead of starting a dude with something compared to a $1000 limit, I start them off with $50. However, no one has showed me they deserve an increase in their limit yet... So I continuously drop players from the team n add players to the team. It is what it is.

Now don't get me wrong... There will be someone who comes along and is different but you still need to start off slow. I have a new plan where I'm just making friends. I put nothing more than that on them. I thought of this when thinkin of how to make a marriage work and I realized I would need a friend!! Lol But these basic guys can't even handle friendship, they react like it's a foreign concept. Wait it is- other girls come at them with intentions off top of getting in a relationship (I say this from experience). Either way you lose, but that's fine. Because if they're basic, why would you want to be with them or have a long term relationship with them??

~Miss Safiyyah

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