Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Travyyyy LOVE

I decided to write a Post about Travis Porter. I SUPPORT THEIR GRIND. I can see how much work they are putting in and they AREN'T EVEN SIGNED! I can only hope they keep this up once they do get a label behind them. Some people feel differently about them: they feel like they aren't doing anything but hindering our music scene. These people want to know what good have they done.

From day 1 MUSIC has been about making yourself feel good. It speaks to your soul! Whether it is inspirational or just makes you happy! I don't know why critics always feel like every celebrity or artist has to carry our entire society on their back. They make music that speaks to them and hell it speaks to me too! I have said this before and I will say it again. Last year I was down ALOT and all I could listen to were serious songs that made me even more depressed. Now I'm not saying they saved my life or anything, because I wasn't that Down & out but their music definitely motivated me to move on and get stuff done!

They make party music and well sex songs too. They make me want to be happy just from listening to them. I LOVE THAT about them. Like I said I love the fact that they are on their grind. I don't know any other unsigned artists who created a short film and had a premiere with a concert in their city (but hey someone might have done it before, just not in ATL). Not only that but I got to meet them when they shot a scene for their movie "Proud to be a Problem". I was in a club scene. They are really cool. I'm not knocking their hustle and I don't think anyone should. I wish them nothing but the best and I know they will achieve great things.

If you disagree, that's cool. You have that right. :)

oh check out their website www.wearetravisporter.com if you haven't before!

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