Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Love Drake (DRIZZY)

Hey, I know I'm late but remember I'm new to this so this is relevant!! lol I love Drake, he is the truth, real, and just plain great! Honestly, I listen to him all day every day! I'm so happy my homeboys put me on him around september and that him n wayne decided to make songs however long ago that was...! Anyway I'm listening to him right now! okay but real talk. please support him. It's rare that I really really promote for ppl (mainly because I dont know these ppl). But if you arent on that Drizzy yet, you need to reconsider. Even if you dont like rap like that... he is a rapper and a singer so u will love it... he's above all the bull u may hear on the regular... and i heard he's like 21 or somethin, he could definitely b my boo! lol

I finally made a mp3 cd with all the songs I have by him... its like a total 55 songs... I havent even been able to listen to all... but i've heard about 40 lol... I love the so far gone mixtape-- its truly the best mix of his songs... You can listen to it straight thru... on there i guess i can say my favs are... well honestly they all are awesome!! I cant pick!!

But please check him out...

I love his flow, i love his voice, i love his lyrics, he so real, and when he sings... i love it! Drake is the deal... just like how I say Wayne is the deal! Check him out, look him up... do not cheat yourself. You will regret it

p.s. i've been liking him since he was jimmy on degrassi, i know you have heard that before... if not crawl from up under your rock and look that up too! :-)

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