Friday, May 15, 2009

Never Said I Wasn't Crazy

Honestly, I never told anyone I wasn't crazy. True I'm not crazycrazy but I'm a little loose but who isn't? It's just sometimes I say out the way things... My ex took me to this point and it just hasn't left me! Lol That was 5 years ago when the craziness started. I tried to hit him with the car... forget the whole smashing windows thing... lol Crazy thing is I found the right one... He did like some superhero type of move and jumped on the car (i wasn't going too fast) and started walking on it. The dent is still in the roof if you need proof. Anyway after we broke up, I not only realized he taught me some great life lessons from our escapades, I also thought he cursed me!! I could not find a man to be in a long term relationship with! Back then long to me meant like 9 months, which is where we really ended... but we were off and on for 3 yrs or so, i don't really remember these things! Lol.

Guys always tell me I'm crazy, my friends do too. But like I said it's the silly crazy where I say crazy stuff. I dealt with a crazy guy and he rubbed off on me... I began thinking that I must be so crazy that guys don't want to be with me! Okay I only thought that once! I will stop being dramatic. My boyfriend now is constantly saying he thinks another reason why he loves me is that I'm crazy and there is never a dull moment! So now I'm encouraged for it! I can't really describe me but if you know me, you might agree to this... I just hope one day I do not have to go super crazy on someone, because you know how nice ppl snap when they are fed up. I'm somewhat nice (when I feel like it), I haven't fought someone since like 3rd grade, and I smile alot I'm afraid if the situation presents itself it will not be pretty. Well I'm not here to be a "internet gangster" (lol) just writing my thoughts down and it's not a crime. Once again if you know me I like to squash drama... I'm not down for the cause!

It's me It's Me IT'S ME!!! lol (yeah I know that had no place, I just felt like writing it)

You cant live without this crazy girl though... so keep reading... oh and when you see my movie like 2yrs from now (thanks phil) you will agree that this chick gotta be a little crazy. I really need to write for that and the book. I keep saying I need money but I don't write!! OH i also need an apple laptop... hook that up too! lol

I don't want to incriminate myself any further so I will leave on that note!!

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  1. Yep, you are somewhat nice when you feel like it. You are just silly. No shrink required.