Friday, May 15, 2009

Money worries???

I should be writing for my movie... but i'm here with you... how you like that? lol so this is what I cannot stand, the whole job issue going on. It has always been kind of hard to get one, but it's even harder of course now with the economy. I've been looking since December, and true at some moments I would fill out applications and hope and pray they do not call back. But ever since March when my brother and I decided we will get an apartment together in July, I've been hoping and praying someone will call! Well they haven't. That gets me but what really gets me is when people assume that I'm not really searching! For the past 3 weeks alone I've filled out 3 applications in person each week and I even called 2 of the stores which proved pointless!! Anyway, my boo is the worse because he said he can tell I don't want a job, I just want to party. And I really don't appreciate it! I told him if it was meant for me I would get it pointblank. He still doesn't think I put forth enough effort, and that really hurts my feelings... Its too hard out here and he has a job so he doesn't understand I don't think. He is really quick to tell me about how others are getting jobs and wants to know why I haven't gotten one... Why are you comparing me? You wouldn't want me to do that... Come on now man! His ex even had the nerve to say "What she still hasn't found one?". Now I had to go off on that. I asked him why is she all up in my business and worried about me. If she's not about to help me then she need to keep it moving... I honestly can't stand her like some ppl cannot stand their significant others baby mommas. Except thankfully they don't have a kid... they have 5 years of history... and she just won't go away. But that's another blog!! Ugh

Back to the job hunt... I am frustrated but please believe it is not taking over my life or anything. I just need a frickin job!!! Cuz I need money and I'm just being honest... if you can help a sister out... help me out... I'll repay you somehow.

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  1. I feel you and ole girl is a mess. She need to move on because clearly he has.