Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I would like to start off reminding you that you will never know what is about me and what is not (meaning it could be something inspired by what a friend or a stranger does). Having said that... Relationships are interesting. Have you ever cheated? Did you tell? Or did you keep the secret and am still holding it in? Is there such a thing as slightly cheating and full on cheating?... In 10th grade or so I must admit I did cheat. I kissed another guy. I honestly did not think it was cheating until I told my boyfriend and he informed me that it was. He pointed out that if I did that to him I would think it was! That was a good point and I've learned from that. But in the minds of some I've heard well a kiss is nothing, especially if there was nothing behind it. Its kind of contradicting, because as I said I believe if someone did it to them they would not be saying it is nothing.

But sometimes I understand it really is nothing behind a kiss. Its the same as when you kiss someone for the first time and there is no emotion in it- most likely thats not who you need to be with. I need sparks and fireworks... something!! If you cant kiss, I cant deal... but thats me, moving on...

Things happen for a reason. Sometimes there are hints and clues as to your future. You just have to be open and listen for it when it comes... However, how do you know when its not just you reading too much into it? Back to the 10th grade thing, was that kiss supposed to tell me that I was not into the guy I was dating as much as I thought I was? Or was I just being careless? You be the judge... But I have a friend who has gone through this recently at the age of 22... Is it a sign or just sabotage? There is always room to flirt but there is a thin line... Things can go too far. I know plenty of people have gone through this and well I kind of have no advice for my friend. I do have another friend who actually took things way too far and "full on cheated" and had sex with some girl.... Actually I do not know if him and his girlfriend are dating anymore because I thought he had a little more sense than to do her friend... but I digress, I did tell him he was wrong...

We are all young and maybe thats why they tell us not to get tied down. I tell that to kids in high school but I also know they are going to do what they want to do... Thats another story... Even though elders tell us not to be tied down at a certain age, I wonder when is the right age? I know they can't possibly believe that once someone turns 30 or something they will all of a sudden have that out of their system and decide to be a one person woman or a one person man!! I know ppl who are in their 40's that can't settle down for cheating and being scared of commitment. All I have to say is don't judge me or others my age... I love saying "say your piece and be done with it!" Please stop repeating ur too young to be in a relationship. It should be about you as a person and if you feel you are ready. Everyone live your life. Feel free to respond... I kind of would like you too lol

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